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 Mood Ninja: Your Daily Mood Tracker and Well-Being Ally!«
The Mood Ninja bot helps you track the mood of your team and identify when someone might need support.

For teams working on-site, remote, hybrid or asynchronous environments.

You can’t be everywhere but you can have the information to help them at the click of a button.

Daily mood feedback​

Mood Ninja asks users how they feel every day​


Access graphs to visualise different indicators


Use the indicators and react to the trend changes

See how it works

This is how Mood Ninja can help your team

The bot gets daily mood feedback from your team

Mood Ninja asks users how they feel every day in a not intrusive and quick to answer manner, with emojis

Access graphs to visualise different indicators

In the dashboard you can access graphs to visualise different indicators, trends, and compare across the team and timelines

React to stablish actions for improvement

Use the indicators to react to trend changes and establish actions to improve the situation. Awareness of mood changes will alow you to try to find a solution before it gets worse.

Track the impact of your actions!

After having taken action to improve the mood and wellbeing, you can check how well these measures reflect in the daily mood of the team

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Mood Ninja offers some important benefits to your company and your employees


Tracking the mood of a team can be important for promoting well-being and maintaining a positive work environment

By monitoring the mood on a daily basis, the Mood Ninja bot can help identify when someone might be struggling and in need of support, as you will be able to visualise unwanted trend changes before they become a problem.

Open discussions

Having a bot like Mood Ninja can create awareness among team members about their own moods and emotions.

It can encourage open communication and discussions about well-being, allowing team members to address any challenges they might be facing. The bot can assist in improving overall team morale and productivity.

Positive work culture

Additionally, the presence of a cheerful and positive bot like Mood Ninja can help uplift the team’s spirits and create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

Its friendly demeanour and focus on maintaining a good mood can serve as a reminder to prioritise well-being and create a positive work culture.

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